The Heated Lions

Special Olympics Athletics

Heated Lions CAREs

Celebrate achievement with a high five!

Now that many of our players are young adults, hugs and such are often inappropriate and violate the other individual's personal space.  Everyone appreciates a high five.


A winning attitude goes a long way.  Keep upbeat even if we do not win a game, or make the shot.    

Respect others!

Show you care about everyone one involved and all that they do for your team and cheerleaders.  The coaches and teen volunteers manage the team's practices and games.  Heated Lions parents or a responsible adult are to remain on-site, responsible for their atlete.  These are not drop-off activities.

Encourage personal best efforts!

Root on your teammates and cheerleading squad, applaud their efforts and help others to achieve success.




As of now practice is happening as normal.

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